Love and Levity exists to empower and champion you to create a life you love to live.

We work with individuals, groups and organisations to take action on what you know to be true. We walk alongside you to find your truth, values and responsibilities. We ask questions.  We hold space for the serious and the silly. 

What is important to you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to create? How are you going to do it?

We find the right next step, again and again, to get you where you want to be so you feel how you want to feel more of the time.


We know there is no such thing as perfect, but there is patience, purpose, persistence... love and levity.

About us

What we do

We seek to inspire and work alongside you to;

  • Harness the power of vulnerability, allowing yourself to be seen, heard and witnessed - out with not being good enough.

  • Focus on the right next step, one step at a time - out with overwhelm and comparisons.

  • Live a life YOU love - out with external validation and approval.

Oh and we don't take ourselves too seriously - levity is a big part of how we do what we do. Laughter is a powerful tool to exhale anxieties, limiting beliefs, create connections and much more.

I created Love and Levity to serve all those seeking to create a life they love to live ~ and all the imperfectly perfect messiness that involves :)


I like being creative, connecting people, community projects, collaboration, colour, being busy and going with the flow. 


I love to make people laugh - to bring a touch of levity in difficult times with a whole lot of heart.

I believe we need creativity, community, celebration and ceremony in our lives, along with nature, movement, love and laughter to really thrive. 


Take action, make it real. Dream. Do.

Jessica Hardiman

Transformation Champion

A little about me...



"Miranda Hart meets Tony Robbins, only shorter!"


James Kriszyk

"Jess doesn't just have a funny bone - she has a funny skeleton"


Isabel Wright

"Jess brings out laughter from the true depths of my belly and pure joy from the centre of my heart"

Jessica Hardiman, me...