Expanding creativiy and comfort zones

Dear Reader... I did a stand-up comedy course!

My intention? Do get on a stage without leaving a Jess shaped hole in the wall. To increase a sense of play in my life and ultimately to show up and be seen. I raised the bar pretty high! A stand-up comedy course... But that's me. I'm a jumper - no stepping stones - two feet and a leap into the unknown (on to a stage).

OK, there were a few steps to the final big one. I got to practice vulnerability every week and expand my comfort zone attending the course for starters, trialling 2/3 minutes of 'comedy' each week to the group, in promoting the showcase on my Facebook page inviting people to come, doing the actual performance and then posting the recording. Each one required a deep breath and a reminder to show up, to let myself be seen, to take a creative risk and remember there is no such thing as perfect!

I thrilled myself with how good it felt, with how much I enjoyed it, with the laughs, the interaction... the stage! I let myself shine and it felt good. I took action and made a dream real.

This is big stuff for me, not just performing, but owning how good I felt doing it. I'm learning to take action on what I know to be true. And this I know. I enjoyed it. I felt joy.

Here is my first ever comedy showcase!

#StandUpComedy #ComfortZone

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